9 Signs Your Internship Is Going Well

By Lorena Roberts on November 6, 2017

You’re one of the lucky few who secured a killer internship this semester. You’re really working your tail off to make sure you make a good impression. You’re taking on tasks that require background research, you’re teaching yourself all these new software tips and tricks, and you’re even showing up on time in well-put-together outfits!

You feel like you’ve totally got your life together. But how do you know if your coworkers and supervisors are noticing? Here are some signs.

1. A great review session

If your mid-semester review is killer, obviously you’re doing a great job! They’re always going to give you recommendations as to how you can be better, but for the most part, everything they say about you is top-notch!

2. You’re making connections … and maybe friends?

If you’re truly making a community out of your coworkers, they’re accepting of you as a person. If you were a slacker in the office or you were messing up the flow of things, they probably wouldn’t ask you to hang out outside of work.

3. You feel at home

If it feels natural to walk into your internship every day and sit down and start tackling a to-do list, then you’re killing it! People are more than likely noticing what kind of progress you’re making and they’re appreciative!

4. People answer your questions

When you ask someone about something, they’re quick to answer you! They want to do all they can to assist you because they know you’re making big strides for the company … or you’re at least showing up on time with their coffee!

5. People come to you with questions

There’s a line here: not too many questions, like your work is confusing. But if people start seeking out your advice, then they think your opinion and knowledge matter! You’ve officially made it to the top of the “Best Interns” list for the semester. Congrats!

6. You’re doing anything more than making copies or getting coffee

If you’re getting actual assignments, you’re an asset to the company. They’re interested in seeing how much you can truly accomplish and they’re impressed with your work!

7. You’re getting regular compliments — even if it’s just on your shoes

If people are looking for ways to make you feel good about yourself, you’re doing a good job. It’s easy to tell when people generally like you. Getting compliments means other people in the office like who you are and what you’re about. They wouldn’t waste their time if you were chopped liver.

8. You’re staying busy

If your to-do list doesn’t ever seem to get shorter, but you’re accomplishing tasks every day, you’re a star! The more jobs you are given, the more trust the company is putting into you! Be thankful that they’re recognizing your good work and they want more of it!

9. Staff meetings often include your name

You know how much you mean to a company when your name is mentioned at a staff meeting. As an intern, this is the ultimate goal. If you’re having weekly meetings and you’re never getting any attention, that’s no reason to panic. But as soon as other interns start getting attention and you’re not — it’s time to step up your game.


If you really aren’t sure how things are going and you want to improve your performance …

Request a review

If you’re not sure how you’re doing at your internship, ask to be reviewed! The greatest gift this company can give you is feedback (and future rec letters!?).

Don’t be afraid to approach your supervisor and ask for tips. That’s what they want you to do.

Ask opinions of your coworkers

Slide it into a conversation (“so, how am I doing?”) and give them the opportunity to give you feedback. Even if it’s other interns, they’ll probably have something to say. And you can always return the favor!

Offer to help with a project or task

People generally like to be offered help. If they don’t need it, they’ll turn you down. But you asked, and that’s what mattered. You’ll come off as gracious and willing to work.

All in all, an internship is an opportunity for you to learn and a company to get to know you. Sure, all the interns are hoping for job offers after they do their time. But even if you don’t get an offer, look at everything you’ve learned. It’s worth it!

You’ll know if you’re absolutely killing it at your internship. And if you don’t, or you think you need to get better, the good news is that the door for communication is always open.

And, honestly, if it isn’t, you probably don’t want to work there in the long run anyway. Take it at face value and move on, mister!

Lorena graduated from The University of Tennessee in Knoxville last December with a BA in Honors Psychology. After some serious soul-searching, she's decided to pursue a Master's in teaching in order to teach middle school math! In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her Whippet mix, Gio, at the dog park and binge watching Netflix with endless cups of Hot Cocoa.

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